Powerful Dynamic Broadband ManagementService and Solutions Providers can experience remarkable QoS and increased margins with this end-to-end solution.

The NetProfit



What is the NetProfit® System?

NetProfit Server Configuration Graphic Example

  • Powerful Dynamic Broadband management by end-user account that promotes fairness for customers.
  • Supports bandwidth caps, quotas, priorities, and guarantees.
  • Supports free or subscription access to end users.
  • Increases bandwidth utilization up to 45%.
  • Reduces broadband provisioning costs.
  • Provides an intuitive simple direct user interface for ordering of additional capacity, without additional customer service expense.
  • End-to-end solution, including billing, account management, and reporting.

How will the NetProfit® System increase my earnings?

  • Produces recurring revenue through product sales and licensing.
  • Earn subscription fees by hosting the cloud portion of the NetProfit® System.
  • Provides end-user driven upsell opportunities.
  • Reduces CAPEX for your customers because there are no expensive hardware expenditures,
    and greatly reduces or delays the need to secure provisioning for additional resources.
  • Provides a QoS tool for your customers.
  • Hardware or Gold copy versions available.
  • Easily label it as your own solution to expand your branded offerings.

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